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LUNA is all about good food and good nutrition, but let’s face it: You’re not ONLY what you eat. Here we take a closer look at what feeds your strength. Whether you’re an athlete, an artist, a foodie or just plain awesome, we hope you’ll find something here for you.


What Do Calories Count?
What Do Calories Count?

by Sadie Chanlett-Avery

Last week I trained a client who recently lost a substantial amount of weight. She called on me for active recovery from her intense exercising. We opened tight shoulders, mobilized locked up hips, and reactivated her core. I wove it all together with standing yoga poses and a deep relaxation. She moaned with “delight” as we released and realigned her achy parts. I relish theses moments when my work provides immediate relief.

Then she asked, “How many calories did we burn?” My heart sank. I had no idea how to justify our session with a number.

I rationalized that moving with more ease and efficiency will sustain her aerobic efforts. Although her body felt better than it had for weeks, our time still didn’t “count”.

I felt like a chef watching people savor each bite of my lavish and healthy meal. Then being asked,  “How many calories was that?”

Why collapse eating and moving into myopic digits? Let’s lose count.  Feast on the rich flavors, varied textures, and nourishing benefits of movement.

As the In-House Yogi at LUNA & CLIF Bar, Sadie Chanlett-Avery leads the yoga, kettlebell, and perinatal training in the employee gym. Sadie blogs at Active Body Still Mind

The Power of Protein: Eat Protein to Get Lean
The Power of Protein: Eat Protein to Get Lean

Sarah-Jane Bedwell, RD, LDN, author of Schedule Me Skinny: Plan to Lose Weight and Keep it Off in Just 30 Minutes a Week

Protein is second only to water as the most abundant substance in the human body, so it’s easy to see why it’s an important component of a healthy diet. Protein is key to building muscle, which helps you look fit and toned. It also helps you stay full after a meal because it takes longer to digest than carbohydrates, and we all know that less mindless snacking means a smaller waistline. One study found that dieters who ate eggs for breakfast lost 65% more weight than those who didn’t, even though they ate the same number of calories, probably because the egg breakfasts were higher in filling, quality protein. That’s proof for the point that consuming a protein source at each meal is extremely important for weight loss. And if looking younger is on your wish list, protein will help by providing collagen to the connective tissues of the body and to the tissues of the skin, hair, and nails.

In my new book, Schedule Me Skinny: Plan to Lose Weight and Keep it Off in Just 30 Minutes a Week, I recommend that a good, lean source of protein be consumed with every meal and snack as protein promotes staying-power, lean muscle mass, and healthy weight loss.

When it comes to protein at meals, I suggest eating lean beef once a week, going for a meatless protein day at least once a week (enjoy beans, eggs and nut butters), and eating fish at least twice a week. On other days, enjoy lean poultry. Fish is an extremely important protein to consume on a weight loss plan, as studies have shown that women who eat fish, especially oily fish like salmon and tuna, two to four times each week have the lowest levels of body fat.

To give your snacks staying-power try to include a protein source with them as well. Snack time is a great opportunity to enjoy lowfat dairy sources of protein like milk or yogurt. Or you may want to try plant-based protein such as soy or nuts.

It is especially important to have a protein-packed meal or snack after a hard workout since protein helps lean muscle to rebuild and recover. Want some great protein-rich snack ideas? These snacks are all 200 calories or less, have a good source of protein and are perfect whether you are trying to refuel after a workout or quell the afternoon munchies:

  • ¼ cup nuts (like peanuts, almonds, pecans)
  • 1 small banana with 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  • 1 LUNA Protein Bar (try the brand new flavors out this month: Chocolate Coconut Almond—my personal favorite healthy way to satisfy a chocolate craving-- and Lemon Vanilla!)
  • 8oz. lowfat chocolate milk
  • 6oz. Nonfat Greek Yogurt topped with ½ cup berries and a drizzle of honey

Need another reason to include protein in your regular eating routine? If your New Year’s Resolution involves getting lean and trim, protein is absolutely essential. In fact, in a recent study, dieters who cut calories over a month without increasing their protein intake lost 7 pounds, but the catch was that 58% of that was lean muscle mass—yikes! On the other hand, those who doubled their protein intake lost the same amount of weight with less than a third of it coming from muscle! That’s the power of protein!

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Keeping it Pinteresting

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TODAY’S TOPIC- “The Skinny on Fat”
TODAY’S TOPIC- “The Skinny on Fat”

We believe that strong beats skinny any day of the week. So we asked women everywhere, “How do you Feed Your Strength?” And since strength starts from the inside, we began by taking a closer look at what we put into our bodies. Our “Debunking the Diet” video series weighs in on current eating trends and myths that we’ve all heard mixed messages about. Does eating fat make you fat? In our latest episode - "The Skinny on Fat" - our in-house nutrition guru Tara Dellolacono Thies shares key tips to remember when deciphering what are good fats vs. bad fats. 

After watching the webisode, be sure to head over to our Facebook page to share what feeds your strength. You'll also have a chance to enter our sweepstakes to win a LUNA Bar a day for an entire year!

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